Application Process

We understand that some application processes can be overwhelming or stressful, so we’ve made our process as simple as possible. Here’s a bit of insight on how our process works, how you can apply for a position and what you can do if you need assistance.

Applying for a position

Information for external candidates:

  • Create an online profile (you have the option to sign up for career alerts and you will be notified of vacancies at the Bank).
  • Upload your resume and cover letter for the position you are applying for (cover letters are optional, unless specified in the job posting).
  • If you are applying to multiple jobs, attach a new cover letter each time.

Information for internal Bank of Canada employees:

  • Your profile is already set up.
  • Access the Career Opportunities tile in PASSePORT.
  • Attach your resume and cover letter for the position you are applying for (cover letters are optional, unless specified in the job posting).

Recruitment process

The comprehensive process is carried out by a selection panel in collaboration with our Human Resources recruitment team. This ensures that qualified candidates with the most relevant experience, skills and knowledge for the role are identified.

Resume tips

Here are a few tips to make your resume more attractive to the selection committee:

  • Keep your resume to two pages or fewer.
  • Clearly indicate your relevant education and experience.
  • Tailor your resume to the position to which you are applying.
  • Review the job advertisement and ensure you have identified how you meet the requirements.
  • Don’t be shy! Highlight your accomplishments and experience front and centre!

What to expect

Your submitted application will be reviewed by our Recruitment Specialists to ensure that your skills and experience meet the essential criteria for the role to which you have applied. Our recruitment process ensures that all applicants are reviewed fairly and thoroughly.

If you are identified as a suitable candidate, you will be contacted directly to participate in an interview and/or to take a test, depending on the position to which you are applying.


We strive to provide each applicant with a positive experience. Let us know if you need any accommodation or support during the recruitment process. We can provide support in multiple ways:

  • Using this site.
  • Submitting your application.
  • Assisting with the interview or testing process.

Successful candidates can also discuss workplace accommodation needs when an offer is received. Information related to workplace accommodations are confidential.



Interviews are typically one hour in length and are conducted virtually or in-person and in your preferred official language (English, French or Bilingual). You will be asked a series of Behavioural and Technical questions. 

As a candidate, your experience is important to us. The interview is also intended to provide you with insight into the potential role and department for which you are being interviewed. Some positions require the completion of a written assessment or presentation, which you will be informed of in advance, and/or a second interview which would usually take place at our Head Office in Ottawa or at one of our Regional Offices.

When preparing for the interviews:

  • Ask yourself these questions:
    • What are my key strengths?
    • What are my areas for improvement?
    • How will I add value?
    • Why am I interested in this career opportunity?
  • Understand and review the STAR method for providing specific examples to interview questions (Situation, Task, Action, Result)
  • Think about questions you have about the Bank, the department or the job, for which you cannot find an answer on our corporate website or through the job advertisement. You are encouraged to ask these questions to the selection committee (i.e. What’s the culture like at the Bank, What’s your leadership style, etc.).

If you are a top-ranking candidate following the interview, you will be asked to provide a minimum of two professional references. If you are being considered for a Bilingual position, a verbal second-language evaluation will be conducted to determine your level of proficiency.



If you are the successful candidate, a Recruitment Specialist will contact you by phone to extend a verbal offer. Congratulations! 

During that phone call, you will be provided with the details of your offer and we will answer any questions you have regarding the work environment, benefits, salary, etc. Your letter of offer and additional information will be sent to you via email following the phone call.

Our offers are conditional on a satisfactory security verification and an education verification. Once you accept the online offer, we will send you the required security and new hire forms.  

A Recruitment Specialist will contact you once the security verification is completed to establish your start date. If you are currently working elsewhere, we recommend waiting for the security to be completed before you give your resignation notice to your current employer.

NOTE: If you are a current Bank of Canada employee, and the successful candidate, the hiring manager will contact you to extend a verbal offer and an offer letter will follow.

Your first day

Welcome to the Bank of Canada! Our Recruitment Team will work with you to ensure you have a great start.

Shortly before you start, you will receive an email with the details for your first day. On your first day, you will spend approximately one to two hours with representatives from Security, Information Technology Services and Human Resources.

If you have other questions regarding the recruitment process, please contact us at